About Us

We are a dedicated team of specialist screen printing chaps based in Nottingham, England. Our well-equipped 4000sq ft factory contains one semi-automatic print carousel, two manual print carousels, a big blue thing, six (-ish) brains, too many computers, several reasonably impressive beards and more sarcasm than is strictly speaking necessary.

In May 2019 the trade magazine Images wrote a nice feature about us, which you can find here

Shirtysomething was established in 2001 by two music industry chaps:

FrazerFrazer was the bass guitarist with pagan thrash pioneers Sabbat. After the band split in the early 90’s, he went into the printing business, and has built a reputation as one of the finest screen printers in the Midlands. His technical ability, perfectionism, and understanding of what makes a shirt “work”, help us to achieve the best possible results for our clients. As does his apparent ability to work for 25 hours a day. His beard is inhabited by a family of badgers and an axe-wielding Nordic dwarf. He recently started (and then stopped) gigging again with Ravens Creed, and is fanatically devoted to his allotment garden.

RogRog is and/or was a philosophy graduate, progressive rock musician, tour manager and sound engineer; he spent the 90s attempting to visit every airport on the planet with Rage Against the Machine, Skunk Anansie, Therapy?, Faith No More and many others. He came off the road (more or less) in 2001 and now devotes his managerial experience and incessant sarcasm to the running of Shirtysomething, largely because nobody seems to be willing to pay him to play cricket and drink beer. His “new” solo album is now roughly 30 years late, but he still occasionally gigs as half of the ancient and eccentric acousto-proggy duo Twice Bitten, amongst other deeply obscure (and/or wholly imaginary) musical projects.

Printy proceedings at Shirty Towers are aided and abetted by these fine folk:

Loz is Shirty’s jovial Lord of the Office; his background as a drummer, singer-songwriter and cutting engineer has attuned him well to the requirements of our many and various band clients. Except on Mondays; nobody knows what he does on Mondays…

Rob is a career printer; he doesn’t claim to be a musician, but he does claim to be a graffiti artist (although nobody has ever actually witnessed this…)

RichRich is another man with printing in his blood (well, on his clothes, anyway) – his amiable strangeness is fuelled by insanely spicy food and insanely loud rock (yes, we’re talking Lemmy here…) Rides a skateboard.

JayJay is one of those annoying multi-talented multi-instrumentalist types (drums, keyboards, trumpet). Best-known for playing drums in Ravens Creed, he spends his weekends as a studio musician and his weekdays as Shirty’s official Counter of Many Things.