Ethical / Environmental

From the outset, we have placed a strong focus on our ethical, environmental and social responsibilities.

Ethical: we only supply garments sourced from companies with independently-verified responsible employment policies, supporting fair wages and working conditions.  We never use sweatshop-produced garments.

Environmental: we use 100% recycled/re-purposed packaging; all incoming packaging is re-used for our outward deliveries.  We used closed-loop washout systems to minimise environmental discharge.  We use phthalate-free plastisol and water-based inks.  Our delivery mechanisms are carbon-neutral.  We all live locally, so that we can travel to work on foot or by bus.

Sustainable: we offer a variety of organic and recycled-fabric garments.  We encourage the use of higher-quality, long-lasting garments, rather than short-life “throwaway” shirts.

Social: we support a number of charitable causes.  We donate garments to local organisations helping homeless people.