We tend to get A the same Q very F, hence a FAQ page. Hopefully the information below will answer your Q, but if not, please drop us a line; if it turns out that you’ve A any Q which are actually answered by the FAQ, we promise not to take the P…

Which brands of shirt do you supply?

We supply a wide range of brands, including Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Continental, Stanley/Stella, B&C, Anvil, Jerzees, Bella & Canvas, Kustom Kit, AWDis JustHoods / JustCool, Regatta, Result,  Uneek, American Apparel, Dickies, Cottonridge, and many others.

I want shirts for my band – which brand do you recommend?

For band t-shirts, we recommend Gildan, which is very much an industry standard – our default band t-shirt is Gildan Heavy (code GD005), which represents a great combination of quality and value – or Continental, whose range includes the excellent EarthPositive organic / carbon neutral shirt, along with the Salvage recycled-fabric range.

Can I get women’s fitted garments?

Yes indeed, in a variety of brands. The two default band-shirt options are Gildan Heavy (code GD006) or the slimmer-fitting Gildan SoftStyle (code GD072).

What shirt colours are available?

Different brands are available in different colour ranges; the widest choice is offered by Gildan Ultra (code GD002), but the slightly cheaper Gildan Heavy (code GD005) covers most of the visible spectrum!.

Can I mix t-shirts and other garments in one order?

Yes; you can mix garment types, colours and sizes however you like without affecting the unit prices.

What garments other than t-shirts do you supply?

Vests, sweats, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, workwear, fleeces, underwear, caps, beanies, bags, jackets, sportswear, possibly not spacesuits, record slipmats…

Do your shirts come from ethically responsible sources?

Absolutely: we’re very fussy about this sort of thing. We only source from suppliers with a published and independently verified ethical policy, supporting workers’ welfare, local wage regulations, and the complete prohibition of forced labour (including child labour.)

What’s the cheapest t-shirt you supply?

The cheapest shirt we COULD supply will remain a secret, because we refuse to supply it (basically, it’s crap.) The cheapest shirt we DO supply is the Gildan Heavy, although for certain functions the Fruit of the Loom Screens Stars Original (which is even cheaper) may be adequate.

Do you supply organic / carbon-neutral garments?

Yes. There are various options, but we recommend the Continental EarthPositive range. (These are not in our main catalogue; you can see the whole Continental range here.)

What is the capital of Lithuania?


What’s the smallest number of shirts I can order?

One. (Well, strictly speaking it’s none, but that’s not so much an order as the absence of an order.)

My design has more than one colour – how does that affect the price?

Each extra colour requires one extra screen, and one extra print per shirt.

I want a backprint as well as a front print – how does that affect the price?

Again, this requires one extra screen (per colour) and one extra print (per colour) per shirt.

Can you print on the sleeve?

Oh all right, if you insist. It costs a bit more, though.

Can you print in odd positions – round the side, or at the bottom corner, for example?

Yes, as long as the print occupies a rectangular area no bigger than 35cm wide by 44cm, and doesn’t fall within 2cm of a seam.

Can you print photographic images?

Yes; this requires either a high-resolution colour-separation and halftone output, or direct-to-garment print.

What print colours are available?

For consistency, we suggest that you incorporate colours from our standard print colour palette in your design. Please note that the appearance of the colours in this file are dependent on the calibration of your monitor, and of course the “shimmer” effect of shimmer inks isn’t visible on-screen. If necessary, we can mix colours specifically for each job, and (at an additional cost) can work to Pantone references if required (within reasonable tolerances.)

What is a “screen”, and why do I need one?

The screen is the stencil through which ink travels en route to becoming your printed design on the shirt. It’s made of a fine mesh, onto which your image is exposed so that ink can only pass through the design and not through the rest of the screen.

If I re-order more shirts, do I have to pay for the screen(s) again?

As long as your order is for at least 25 items using the screen(s), no; we re-make them free of charge at any time.

Can you print sparkly “shimmer” ink?

Yes, at a small extra charge.

Can you print “puffy” expanded ink?

Yes, at a small extra charge.

Do you do embroidery?


Can I have individual names, numbers or phrases on each shirt?

Yes; this is done using vinyl-cut transfer prints which vary in price from £2 to £4 per transfer.

How do I get my artwork to you?

Email is preferable, but we can scan from hard-copy at a push. If your file is bigger than 5MB, we suggest that you upload it via WeTransfer.

What format should I send the artwork in?

We can work from most graphics formats; .psd or .jpg at 300dpi or higher (at actual print size, with no anti-aliasing) normally does the trick, or any vector format, or high-quality .pdf. Before sending the artwork, please ensure that any text is rasterized (bitmap formats) or converted to outlines (vector formats.) Needless to say, the better the quality of your artwork, the better the quality of the print.

My artwork is a bit rough – can you help?

Depending how gruesome it is, we can usually clean up low-resolution artwork to get something printable, but it’s always preferable for you to send a good high-resolution file if possible.

My design is just text – can you lay it out for me?

As long as we have the font (or the font you require is freely available), yes.

What’s the biggest image size you can print?

Approximately 35cm wide by 44cm high.

Can I send you hard-copy artwork?

Yes, although we prefer to work from computer file if possible (especially if your hard-copy is bigger than A4.)

How long would it take to print my shirts?

Turnaround time depends on the size and complexity of your order; if you have a specific deadline, please contact us as soon as you can so that we can confirm whether there may be any problem meeting it. We can usually hit tight deadlines, but under certain circumstances we may be compelled to mutter under our breath, say fairly rude words, or suggest that you invest in a time machine.

How do you deliver my shirts?

We use DPD for most of our national and international deliveries.

What does delivery cost?

Standard DPD next-day business-hours delivery costs £12.00 plus VAT. (For very small orders, it’s a bit less – it depends on the weight of the package.)

Can I collect from you, to save the delivery charge?

Yes you can. If you want to collect outside of our normal business hours (8am-4.30pm Monday-Friday) we can arrange this as long as we have enough notice.

Where are you based?

Daybrook, four miles north of Nottingham, England.

My band is on tour – if we run out of shirts, how quickly can you get more to us?

As long as you give us the tour schedule in advance, we can try to turn re-orders around within a couple of days (often even quicker than that – the key is to make sure that we make a plan in advance and keep your screens “live” and appropriate shirts in stock.) We can discuss this prior to your initial order.

What printing method do you use?

Our primary process is screen-printing, using top-quality professional equipment. Our print carousels are one MHM E-Type 12-station / 7-colour semi-automatic, and two M&R Chameleon manual 6-colour carousels. We use a clamshell heatpress for vinyl-cut and inkjet transfer prints.

How come your prices are so low – what’s the catch?

We offer exceptional print quality at fair prices; many print companies don’t want to print less than a few hundred shirts, so they set much higher prices for smaller batches, but we specialise in working with small bands and other lower-volume clients, although we routinely handle batches up to 5000 or so.

How can I be sure of the quality of your work?

We are fiercely proud of our reputation for the highest quality printing; we believe that our reputation speaks for itself, but if you’ve had a grim experience with another printer and are reluctant to take anything for granted, we’ll be happy to send you a sample of our work.

Is Shirtysomething a “proper” company (not just a couple of guys in a garage)?

Very much so; in addition to the two directors we have four full-time employees, two part-time employees and several sub-contractors. In July 2006 we became a Limited Company, and moved from our our original small industrial unit to a much larger facility, increasing our capacity (and efficiency) five-fold.  We are a printer, not a broker; all our screenprinting is done in-house by highly experienced human beings (more or less).

What payment methods do you accept?

Debit card, credit card, cheque or BACS transfer (or, at a push, cash.)

Do I have to pay up-front?

That’s the plan; however, for established businesses, we can set up 30-day credit terms subject to status and credit check.