Leavers’ hoodies

Nice & easy; choose your garment, colour and size breakdown; list the names (ideally in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document); decide what (if any) additional text or logos are required; we’ll put it all together for you, including laying out the names in the year number.

AWDis Just Hoods pullover college hoodie (adult sizes: JH001; youth sizes: JH01J; well-constructed, modern cut, stacks of colours)
AWDis Just Hoods pullover varsity hoodie (adult sizes: JH003; youth sizes: JH03J; as above, with a contrast hood)
AWDis Just Hoods college zoodie (adult sizes: JH050; youth sizes: JH50J; full-zip version of the above, with a self-coloured zip)
AWDis Just Hoods varsity zoodie (adult sizes: JH053; youth sizes: JH53J; as above, with a contrast hood)
Gildan pullover hoodie (adult sizes: GD057; youth sizes: GD57B; a long-standing popular option, even cheaper than AWDis)
Gildan zip hoodie (adult sizes: GD058; youth sizes: GD58B; as above, with a metal zip)