Print colours

standard_colours_310314.cdrScreenprint: we keep a set of Standard Print Colours always in stock; this ensures consistent results every time.  If necessary, however, we can mix colours by eye for specific imagery; or, at an extra charge, mix Pantone-matched colours (subject to the inevitable tolerances intrinsic to the process.)

Download .pdf file: Standard print colours


Vinyl: individual personalisations can be printed from a range of vinyl colours; we always keep a core range in stock (black, white, red, light blue, royal blue, navy blue, purple, yellow, lime green, green, dark green, silver) and can source others as required.

Embroidery: we endeavour to match your imagery as best we can using a broad range of standard thread colours.  Custom colours can be sourced at an extra charge, but it’s worth remembering that embroidery is intrinsically colour-approximate (because of the way that thread, which is cylindrical, reflects light) and there’s a limit to what can be achieved even using custom-dyed thread.