Good old-fashioned push-ink-through-a-silk-screen method, still the industry standard process.



Perfect for fleeces and headwear, but also great for business uniforms, polo shirts, jackets etc.



Vinyl-cut transfer print:
Single-colour option for one-offs, individual names and other personalisations.


Versacamm transfer print:
A cost-effective option for very small batches of multi-coloured images.


Inkjet transfer print
A cheaper transfer option for when budget is the primary consideration.


Direct-to-garment print:
A huge inkjet printer – blank (pre-treated) shirt goes in, printed shirt comes out.

Our service comprises three parts, and – in our opinion – the most important part is free of charge…

STUFF: we source and supply a vast range of good-quality, great-value garments, bags, headwear and other fabric objects.

DECORATION: we print and embroider the aforementiond stuff with legendary care and attention to detail.

ADVICE: we care about WHAT, but also WHY you are ordering from us.  We want you to get the best value,  but also – crucially – the most effective end result.  Your imagery is there to do a job, whether that be to promote your band, reinforce your business brand, gather support for your charity, get worn by Youtubers, or amuse participants in your stag night; we’ve been doing what we do for long enough to know how to help you avoid obvious pitfalls (print too big or too small, inappropriate size breakdown, unnecessarily expensive print characteristics, avoidable artwork issues, spelling mistakes…)  We don’t just print; we CARE about what we print, and we’re always happy to work with you to get the best possible result.

In our Resources area you’ll find advice about artwork preparation, a chart of our standard print colours, and an array of other useful information.  Being musicians ourselves, we’ve also prepared a Swag 101 page to help small bands get on the merchandise ladder without falling off the first rung.