Embroidery is the standard decoration method for fleeces, beanies, caps, jackets, and other items which are unsuited to printing, either because of their texture, shape, or material.  It’s also a good choice for corporate workwear, trade uniform (such as polo shirts and sweatshirts) and catering wear.

The artwork is “digitised” – converted to an embroidery file (traditionally a perforated card; now a .dst or .emb computer file) which contains the stitch instructions for the embroidery machines.  While surprisingly complex imagery can be successfully embroidered, it’s best to avoid very small text.  Please bear in mind that colour reproduction is inevitably approximate, as there are a limited number of thread colours available; and thread, being cylindrical rather than flat, reflects light in such a way as to make exact colour-matching impossible.

We also supply embroidered and woven patches, in all shapes and sizes.